Built in Interval table partitioning (for YEAR, QUARTER, MONTH, DAY ..)

It would be nice to have support for something like Oracle interval partitioning.

A very common table partitioning design is to partition by time interval (Year, Quarter, Month ...).  When this is done using range partitioning this results in quite a lot of work for application developers in order to maintain the partitions.

- Typically a daily job is run by the application to add partitions as needed into the future. For example, ensure that next years partition exists, ensure that the next 2 days of partitions exist etc.

- Application code needs to correctly calculate partition range values i.e. Correctly perform UTC interval math for Years, Quarters, ISOYearWeek, Month etc.

When using Postgres range partitioning I have helper stored procedures to help do this but it would be great if there was built in declarative interval partitioning such that partitions are automatically created by the database.


Cheers, Rob.

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