Regional configuration


I have installed NUDB on windows, and created a default BBDD with the first steps assistant.

I have connected a Spring 1 application, with JPA and Hibernate (notice that spring 1 is a requirement, and its compatible hibernate version, doesn't have AvailableSettings.JDBC_TIME_ZONE yet)

I am trying to save a Date variable on a timestamp column, and I changing de timezone of my application, but NUODB is not sensible to it, and stores the date in its own timezone.

I've tried with last version of Spring and Hibernate (version 20.0.0 of nuodb driver), but didn't work either.

I tired to create a new database with Minimally Redundant template with another regional configuration, but didn't work as I expected either (still keeps the date with the initial timezone).

How can I do it?
If theres some, the best solution would only imply some change in NUODB configuration. I prefer not to change anything. or the least, in java code (and keep using Date as date type).

Thanks in advance


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