backup and restore nuodb database


Can you anyone help me on this problem  ?

Im doing database backup like below:

nuodb [domain] >

nuodb [domain] > hotcopy database test destinationArchiveDirectory 'C:\ProgramData\nuodb\demo-archives/dbbackup.bak' host localhost type full
Snapshot to copy, or firstSnapshot-lastSnapshot (optional):
Album to copy, or firstAlbum-lastAlbum, 0 means current state (optional):
Destination journal directory (optional):
Destination snapshot directory (optional):
Backup set directory (optional):
Storage Manager process id (optional):
Timeout (ms/s/m/h/d/w) (optional):
Hot copy control node: host DEV30KS pid 10128
Hot copy to Node 1 (host DEV30KS pid 10128) C:\ProgramData\nuodb\demo-archives/dbbackup.bak completed: Hot copy successfully completed
nuodb [domain] >

When I try to restore the same database backup im using the following command Im facing the warning message like below:


nuodb [domain] > restore database
Database Name: dbbackup.bak
Template Variables (optional):
Database Options (optional): commit remote:1 mem 2g
Timeout (ms/s/m/h/d/w) (optional):
Template Variable HOST: localhost
Database Options for TEs (optional): vergobe sql-statements
Tag Constraints for TEs (optional):
Database Options for SMs (optional): journal-max-directory-entries 1000
Tag Constraints for SMs (optional):
restore: Unable to restore database dbbackup.bak: A problem has been found with the journal for database dbbackup.bak].
The journal directory is expected to be [C:\ProgramData\nuodb\production-archives\dbbackup.bak]
but it was found at [C:\ProgramData\nuodb\production-archives\dbbackup.bak\journal].
You can repair this by moving the contents of [C:\ProgramData\nuodb\production-archives\dbbackup.bak\journal] into [C:\ProgramData\nuodb\production-archives\dbbackup.bak] on host [DEV30KS]
nuodb [domain] >


What should be the issue on my case ?





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