NuoDB End-of-Life

 Every software product has a lifecycle. This cycle begins the day the software is released and ends when the software vendor stops supporting the software and no longer provides software updates.  We refer to the end date as the "End-of-Life" (EOL) date.    It is our goal to make this process as seamless as possible for you and help you always understand timelines.

The NuoDB policy is to provide support for each major or minor release (and its maintenance releases) for approximately 18 months from the first Generally Available (GA) release date of the major or minor release.  NuoDB expects that all customers will promptly download, install and use any software update made available by NuoDB.  Please see EOL table below.  (Note:  VEE is Vectorized Execution Engine and SEE is Scalar Execution Engine.)


NuoDB Release Release Date End-of-Life Date Comments
NuoDB v4.3 1 February 2022 1 August 2023 VEE Only (SEE is unsupported and unavailable)
NuoDB v4.2 29 March 2021 30 September 2022

Default is VEE (SEE is available)

NuoAdmin Only (NuoAgent is unsupported and unavailable)

NuoDB v4.1 31 July 2020 7 April 2022

Default is SEE (VEE is available)

Default is NuoAdmin (NuoAgent is available)

NuoDB v4.0 22 July 2019 12 June 2021

SEE Only (VEE is unavailable)

Default is NuoAgent (NuoAdmin is available)


For more information on specific features that have reached their end-of-life, please click here.

For more information on the NuoDB End User License Agreement ("EULA"), please click here.

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