Troubleshooting Admin Layer (NuoAdmin) on Bare Metal/VM


NuoAdmin is down, how do I troubleshoot it?



If this is a production system or an emergency, please contact the support team immediately on, or using the support portal

In order to troubleshoot the Admin Layer (NuoAdmin), you will need to provide the support team with the output following commands.

NOTE: If you have installed NuoDB in the default location, NuoCMD and NuoSQL are located in /opt/nuodb/bin. If you have installed NuoDB in a different location, those executables are located in $NUODB_HOME/bin.


Get diagnose information (IMPORTANT!):

Run this NuoCMD command from any of your nodes to generate and upload a NuoDB diagnostic summary file. This file is a collection of system logs, core files, and configuration options that helps us better understand and analyze the event. It can be generated by running the command:

nuocmd get diagnose-info

This will collect all the diagnostic data into a .zip file for easy transport. There is another option that can be added on direction of NuoDB support, --include-cores
Please upload the resulting file as using your SFTP account.


Show database version

Run this NuoCMD command from any of your nodes:

$ /opt/nuodb/bin/nuocmd show database-versions --db-name <db-name>

Get version from NuoSQL

Run this NuoSQL query, from any of your nodes:

$ /opt/nuodb/bin/nuosql <db-name> --user <db-user> --password <db-password>

SQL> select * from system.versions;


For more information on the get diagnose-info command, please check the Troubleshooting section of our documentation.


Core collection

Occasionally, there is a need to gather library files as well as core files. Core files will be found on the individual hosts at the logs location $NUODB_LOGS 

Library files can be gathered with the following command on the same host where the core file is stored.

$NUODB_HOME/etc/nuosysdepends --include-binary -- > /tmp/sysdepends.tgz



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