How to use NuoDB Support Portal

The NuoDB Customer Success team is committed to the long-term success of every customer and partner. Our NuoDB Support portal is designed to be an easy and clear way to submit and manage all of your support needs.  Click here to visit the NuoDB Support Portal.

The NuoDB Support Portal gives you one place to explore our rich knowledgebase AND submit and manage support requests.  (Note:  The NuoDB Support Portal can be presented in English (US), Français  and Português.)


To create a ticket, you can use the "Submit a Request" and the ticket will automatically log your request in our support system and route to the right technical support engineer.  You can use the system for all of your NuoDB questions, including product use and best practices, configuration, improvement requests (including calls for enhancements and new features) and services needs (including training and consulting).  To help you to provide as much information as possible, we recommend that you use our customized support form - it is straightforward and easy to use.



Here are some best practices when submitting support requests:

  • Always provide as much information as possible including the release of NuoDB you are using.  This reduces the need for back-and-forth to get more information.
  • You can use the "Priority" field to indicate the severity of your request.  This helps NuoDB to understand the urgency of your request (click here for our priority definitions).  Note that we reserve the "URGENT" priority for Severity 0 - customer production down situations only.
  • All customers with a NuoDB Elevated Support contract are provided an emergency hotline telephone number for 24x7 Severity 0 and Severity 1 incidents. This number connects you directly to a NuoDB engineer when rare customer production compromised situations occur.

The NuoDB Support Portal also provides you with a quick way to view and manage all of your support events.  Upon request, your organization may also elect to share all issues submitted by anyone at your company.  The ability to see all of the support requests in one place is a feature that our customers requested and find extremely valuable.


Please take a moment to take a tour of our NuoDB Support Portal!  We love to hear feedback and are continuously improving the customer experience.  Note that we still do have customers who like to submit support events "the old fashioned way" - by sending email to  We totally support that as well!  Happy Developing!


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