Nuoarchive requirements


Can nuoarchive run as a standalone binary or does it need a full software install? 



To use nuoarchive you need both the bin/nuoarchive and lib64/lib*.so files, you do not need the entire NuoDB software install.

The .so files must live in a directory ../lib64 from where the binary lives.

The simplest thing to do if you want to copy nuoarchive to somewhere else is to tar it up in a tar file like:

tar cf /tmp/nuoarchive.tar bin/nuoarchive lib64

Then untar that where you want it to live and run nuoarchive from there.

If you want to be even more specific you need these files:

tar cf /tmp/nuoarchive.tar bin/nuoarchive lib64/libicu* lib64/libmpir*

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