Monitoring Made Simple!

We strongly recommend that all NuoDB users enable Insights for real-time monitoring of metrics and events on their NuoDB databases.  NuoDB Insights makes it very easy to "see what's going on under the hood".  This is a no-brainer!

When you enable Insights, the NuoDB Collection Agent (NuoCA) gathers metrics from NuoDB nodes, including:

  • System Metrics
  • Engine Statistics
  • Admin Monitoring
  • Agent Logs
  • Process Monitoring
  • Table data is NOT collected - only metrics and events

Insights uses the ElasticSearch search engine with Grafana to index and visualize these metrics from NuoCA.  The result is a webpage, which we call the Insights Console, that displays your metrics in detailed graphs that update over time.

image2019-7-22 16:30:16.png

You can select time ranges in the graphs with your mouse to zoom in and see the individual events for each node in your database. The Insights monitoring tool is very useful for triaging any sort of problems in your database and domain.  The NuoDB technical support team loves Insights!

You can read more about NuoCA and Insights here.  If you have any questions, please contact

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