Diagnostics Made Simple!

We strongly recommend that all NuoDB users install the NuoDB Collection Agent (NuoCA) in order to gather real-time monitoring and event data on their NuoDB databases.  NuoCA makes it very easy to "see what's going on under the hood".  This is a no-brainer!

NuoCA is a simple tool that gathers (but does not share) data from NuoDB nodes including:

  • System Metrics
  • Engine Statistics
  • Admin Monitoring
  • Agent Logs
  • Process Monitoring

When an issue is observed, it is very simple for customers to put their hands on the exact data required to complete the picture of what is occurring.   It is also very easy to provide exactly what support needs to diagnose and triage reported issues, should help be required.  The NuoDB technical support team loves NuoCA!

From a recent blog entitled, Distributed Database Performance, Health, and Optimization with NuoDB Insights, NuoCA is defined as follows:

  NuoCA augments data it collects from NuoDB processes and logfiles with system data collected using the open source monitoring tool Zabbix. Among the data collected are life cycle events (starting and stopping of processes), domain information, and data from the NuoDB the SQListener information to get details on the work in the system.

NuoCA is a pipeline architecture with three distinct stages: Input, Transform, Output. Information is collected by the input stage, then flows to the Transform stage, then flows to the Output stage. NuoCA also has a flexible plugin architecture. Plugins types are “input,” “transform” or “output.” Insights plug-ins have an open architecture, making it possible for anyone to extend the system with additional transformation or integration plug-ins by adding to the NuoCA project on GitHub.

NuoCA can send the monitoring data to different destinations via different communication methods. NuoCA output can be stored on-premises or sent to a hosted service. Standard communication using HTTP and https connections are supported, but alternative options including Elasticsearch and Kafka publisher are also provided.

By supporting standards-based communication, NuoCA allows integration with existing monitoring and management tools such as SUMO LogicCA Application Performance Management, or SolarWinds. Those tools provide facilities to analyze, visualize, and act on the data.

Additionally, the data can be sent to any time series engines, such as ElasticSearch or InfluxDB for further analysis and action. Once stored, the data can be accessed with many tools, for example, to generate dashboards, network diagrams and so forth. NuoDB offers a free, hosted service for monitoring data, using ElasticSearch and Grafana. Your unique URL for this dashboard is provided when Insights is enabled. 


If you are serious about understanding your NuoDB database, install NuoCA today!  If you need help, just reach out by sending email to support@nuodb.com



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