Where I can find NuoAdmin configuration files


Where are my NuoDB configuration files stored?



There are currently two places where NuoDB stores configuration files - $NUODB_CFGDIR and $NUODB_HOME/etc.  These locations are different depending on the medium you used to install NuoDB.  

Variable RPM or DEB default TAR default Description
NUODB_HOME /opt/nuodb None Directory that contains the NuoDB installation.
NUODB_CFGDIR /etc/nuodb $NUODB_HOME/var/etc Contains persistent, per system, configuration information such as security keys and configuration overrides.

More information on environment variables here.

At the beginning of the nuoadmin.log file, NuoDB outputs a message saying where it is getting it's configuration from. The $NUODB_CFGDIR/nuoadmin.conf file is used by default.  You can find the nuoadmin log file in $NUODB_LOGDIR.

INFO  AgentConfigResolver main Using conf=/etc/nuodb/nuoadmin.conf

This log snippet is from an RPM installation, which uses /etc/nuodb as the default for $NUODB_CFGDIR.

You can find more information on the NuoDB configuration files here.


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