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How do I monitor my database with NuoDB Insights?



To enable NuoDB Insights you need to follow these steps to opt in:

Run this script: /opt/nuodb/etc/nuoca/bin/enable_insights.sh

This is the output screen that you should expect:


NuoDB Insights Opt-In

You are about to enable the NuoDB Insights plug in ("Insights").  There is no
charge to enable or use Insights, and you may disable it at any time.  Insights
is part of the NuoDB Services, and except as set forth below, is subject to our
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:



Insights collects anonymized data about your NuoDB implementation, and use,
including system information, configuration, response times, load averages,
usage statistics, and user activity logs ("Usage Information").  Usage
Information does not include any personally identifiable information ("PII"),
but may include some aggregated and anonymized information derived from data
that may be considered PII in some contexts (e.g., user locations or IP

NuoDB uses Usage Information to monitor, analyze and improve the performance
and reliability of our Services, and to contribute to analytical models used by
NuoDB.  Usage Information is not shared with any third parties.  Insights also
includes a user dashboard that allows administrators to view the performance of
your NuoDB implementation.

If you agree to these terms, please type "Y" to enable Insights.  And thank you

for helping us build a better service.

Do you agree? Y or N: y


At this point, press "y" to agree to these terms.  You will then get another message with your subscriber ID and a link to your monitoring dashboard.

Insights Subscriber ID: NEZ110NZ9B

NuoDB Insights is now enabled. To access your personalized dashboard, visit: https://insights.nuodb.com/NEZ110NZ9B/
Instructions for customers running legacy Admin (nuoagent)
If the nuoagent service is running, NuoDB Insights metrics collection
will automatically begin within 5 minutes.  If the nuoagent service is
not running, or to start collecting immediately, you can (re)start the
nuoagent with the command:

  "/opt/nuodb/etc/nuoagent" restart
Instructions for customers running NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin)
If you are running nuoadmin with TLS enabled (which is the default)
you must manually provision a TLS key for NuoDB Insights and copy it
into '/etc/nuodb/keys/nuodb_insights.pem'. NuoDB Insights metrics
collection will automatically begin within 5 minutes.


Insights will display a live view of your metrics in a dashboard designed by NuoDB.  The link to the dashboard is included in the output of the enable_insights.sh script.

In this example, the Insights dashboard link is https://insights.nuodb.com/NEZ110NZ9B -- your dashboard link will be unique.  The link to dashboard NEZ110NZ9B is an example - you won't see a live dashboard there.

For more information about monitoring your database with NuoDB Insights visual monitoring tool, please visit https://www.nuodb.com/techblog/distributed-database-performance-health-and-optimization-nuodb-insights



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