NuoCA options


What are the available options for using NuoCA?




These are the options that you may use and their explanations:

# /opt/nuodb/etc/nuoca/bin/nuoca --help



  CONFIG_FILE    path to NuoCA Collection Config file


--collection-interval INTEGER                  Collection interval in seconds. Default:30
--plugin-dir TEXT                              Path to NuoCA plugin directory
--starttime TEXT                               Start time in Epoch seconds for the first
                                               collection interval
--mode TEXT                                    Run mode [coach | insights]
--verbose                                      Run with verbose messages written to stdout
--self-test                                    Run SELFTEST_LOOP_COUNT (default 5)
                                               collection intervals then exit
                                               Set log level during test execution.
-o, --output-values TEXT                       One or more output values as key=value pairs
                                               separated by commas. Multiples allowed
--help                                         Show this message and exit.
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