NuoCA options


What are the available options for using NuoCA?




NuoDB Collection Agent (NuoCA) is included with NuoDB.  When enabled, it collects metrics from your database and can push that data to an output destination of your choosing.
These are the options that you may use and their explanations:
# ./opt/nuodb/etc/nuoca/bin/nuoca --help
  CONFIG_FILE    path to NuoCA Collection Config file

  --collection-interval INTEGER   Collection interval in seconds. Default:30

--plugin-dir TEXT               Path to NuoCA plugin directory

--starttime TEXT                Start time in Epoch seconds for the first
collection interval

--verbose                       Run with verbose messages written to stdout

--self-test                     Run SELFTEST_LOOP_COUNT (default 5)
collection intervals then exit

                                  Set log level during test execution.

  -o, --output-values TEXT        One or more output values as key=value pairs separated by commas. Multiples allowed

--help                          Show this message and exit.
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