Access to NuoCA collected metrics


Who has access to the data that is collected from the customer site?




The customer metric data is stored in ElasticSearch.

Only NuoDB internal Insight Team people have access to that.

The Customer metric data for a particular customer can be viewed in the Insights Subscriber Dashboard. 

NuoDB provides the customer access to their personal dashboard.

NuoDB expects customers to access the Grafana Dashboard that is provided, anonymously. 

NuoDB does not provide a sign in option so there is no password to "forget" or "reset". The sign-in is not needed because the customer's customized dashboard has the unique Insights Subscriber ID in the URL. 

Customers who "Opt-In" to Insights NuoCA, agree to the "Terms Of Use", which is their agreement to send anonymous data to NuoDB.
Customers who don't want to send data to NuoDB, are free to use NuoCA and host their own ElasticSearch cluster and can build their own dashboards.  NuoDB doesn't provide the source code for Insights dashboards to customers. 
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