NuoCA Repository access



May I access NuoCA source code repository?




NuoCA is an open source tool, part of the NuoDB package.  It is disabled until you configure it or opt in to NuoDB Insights.  It is hosted in NuoDB's publicly available GitHub page, and you may access it here

When enabled, NuoDB Collection Agent (NuoCA) gathers metrics from NuoDB nodes including:

  • System Metrics
  • Engine Statistics
  • Admin Monitoring
  • Agent Logs
  • Process Monitoring
  • Table data is NOT collected - only metrics and events

This data is collected locally.  With NuoDB Insights visual monitoring enabled, you can view the NuoCA metrics collected from your NuoDB database in rich time-series graphs.

image2019-7-22 16:30:16.png

More information on NuoDB Insights here.




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