What is "NuoCA"?




NuoCA is the NuoDB Collection Agent that can collect time-series metrics data (in real-time) on one or more nodes, and export it to storage/reporting/monitoring/visualization systems like ElasticSearch.  

NuoCA is flexible enough to collect data from multiple input sources.

Examples of some possible input sources (not an exclusive list) are:

  • NuoDB Admin Logging
  • NuoDB Admin domain/database/process monitoring
  • NuoDB Engine (SM/TE) stats/metrics
  • System stats (i.e. Zabbix)
  • Log metrics (i.e. Logstash)
  • NuoDB Client Application/Workload Stats
NuoCA can be configured to push collected metrics to one or more output destination.  Examples of some possible output destinations (not an exclusive list) are:
  • ElasticSearch
  • Logstash
  • InfluxDB 
  • Kafka
  • Local File System

NuoDB Insights is our solution to index NuoCA metrics with Elasticsearch and display them in the rich time-series graphs of Grafana.  Here is an example of the Insights console, displaying database and domain information:

image2019-7-22 16:30:16.png

You can find instructions for enabling Insights here.  For more information, please contact  



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