Announcing NuoDB v3.4!

Exciting News from NuoDB!

This release further extends our leading distributed SQL database capabilities to support container-native applications with support for Kubernetes Operators. The NuoDB Operator will soon be available from the Red Hat Container Catalog, allowing Red Hat OpenShift customers to easily and automatically deploy NuoDB within their OpenShift cluster.

Also included in this release is support for Transactional DDL and Spill to Disk features.

  • Transactional DDL enables customers to easily manage multiple database schema changes as a single unit of work. This capability significantly simplifies application upgrades.  
  • The Spill to Disk feature enables NuoDB Transaction Engines to temporarily store data on disk to significantly improve performance for certain types of queries and for creating of indexes for large tables.

For details on these and other features provided in this release, please refer to our NuoDB Release Notes.  Existing customers may click here to download today! Not yet a customer? Try out the free NuoDB Community Edition.  Always be sure to enable NuoDB Insights for a live view into the health of your database

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