ODBC Connection

How can I connect to NuoDB database via an ODBC connection assuming I know the privilege? 
On Linux machines, you have to configure the driver manager first.
There are two files that you need to configure:
The first file is /etc/odbc.ini where you specify the database name, username, host, port etc..
cat /etc/odbc.ini
Description= LYNX 
Database Driver   = NuoDB
Database         = test
ServerName       = localhost
Port             = 48004
The second file is /etc/odbcinst.ini you add the location of the ODBC driver for the database
cat /etc/odbcinst.ini 
# To enable unixODBC tracing, add this section to odbcinst.ini.
# Include the [ODBC] section heading.
Description=NuoDB driver
Now an application using ODBC interface should be able to access it, please set the path for the driver as it is relevant to your environment.
More information you may find here.
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