System Tables Related to Database Operation


1. Do you have any dictionary tables/views which I can query from?

2. In Oracle we use v$session table so we can see all the sessions which are connected to the database.



1. In NuoDB we keep that kind of information in the NuoDB SYSTEM schema. Originally they are used internally for NuoDB operations, however in many cases they can provide useful information to the NuoDB user. We keep more the 60 tables with useful information, you can review these tables here.

2. In NuoDB we keep the connection information in SYSTEM.CONNECTIONS table;


SQL> SELECT sqlstring, count, runtime, user, schema, numparam, params, connid, open, handle, nodeid, execid FROM system.connections;

  • You can review the table's fields here.
  • In this case it's better to use SET OUTPUT VERTICAL because there are many columns in this table and it is more readable if displayed this way.


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