Stop & Start Unmanaged Database


We are using an unmanaged database, how can we stop and start our database safely?



For each database that you want to restart, you will need to run the NuoDB Manager capture database command. This command writes the configuration of the database's hosts, storage managers and transaction engines to a file that you specify.

1. From NuoDB Manager run the following command:

nuodb [domain] > capture database <database_name> dbFile <file_name>

2. After you save the database configuration you can shutdown the database:

nuodb [domain] > shutdown database <database_name>

3. To start the database, execute the NuoDB Manager restart database command and specify the database capture file for that database:

nuodb [domain] > restart database dbFile <file_name>


If you would like further information on Capture Database topic, we encourage you to click here to visit this section of our online documentation.  


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