What version of NuoDB am I running?


How can I tell which version of NuoDB I am running?



There are a number of ways to determine the running version of NuoDB.

NuoDB Binary (single host)

From the terminal, execute:

$ /opt/nuodb/bin/nuodb --version
NuoDB Server build 3.2-2-cc457fd25f

NuoDB Agent Log (single host)

The NuoDB agent log will collect and print a number of system configuration details as the nuoagent process is started. 

$ less /var/log/nuodb/agent.log
2018-06-20T18:46:40.544+0000 INFO Environment.logEnv (main) NuoAgent version: 3.2-2

NuoDB Manager (All Hosts)

The following command that can be executed from NuoDB manager will verify the installed versions for all hosts in the domain. The only drawback to this command is, if one or more hosts is running a different version, this command will not tell provide IP or DNS information of that host. 

nuodb [domain/test] > verify domain version 
Target Version (optional):
All agents and processes are at version: 3.2-2


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