What version of NuoDB am I running?


How can I tell which version of NuoDB I am running?



There are a number of ways to determine the running version of NuoDB.

NuoDB Binary (single host)

From the terminal, execute:

$ /opt/nuodb/bin/nuodb --version
NuoDB Server build 4.0-1-b947d0fa06

NuoDB Admin Log (single host)

The NuoDB admin log will collect and print a number of system configuration details as the nuoadmin process is started. 

$ less /var/log/nuodb/nuoadmin.log
Mon Aug  5 18:21:12 UTC 2019: Starting NuoDB Admin
2019-08-05T18:21:13.214+0000 INFO  Environment main NuoAdmin: 4.0-1


NuoDB Command

You can execute the "show domain" command with nuocmd, NuoDB's command line interface for managing domain and database operations.

$ ./opt/nuodb/bin/nuocmd show domain
server version: 4.0-1-b947d0fa06, server license: Enterprise


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