Create a new Database Windows by using Command line Commands


I would like to create a new Database by using nuoDB commands from the command line.  For example, I can successfully create a database by using below commands:  

> mkdir c:\temp\gsData
> start java -jar "c:\Program Files\nuodb\jar\nuoagent.jar" --broker
> java -jar "C:\Program Files\nuodb\jar\nuodbmanager.jar" --broker localhost
--password bird
nuodb [domain] >
nuodb [domain] > start process sm host localhost database testDB
Process command-line options:
Archive directory: c:\temp\gsData
Initialize archive: true
nuodb [domain] > start process te host localhost database testDB
Process command-line options: --dba-user dba --dba-password dba
Started process: ......


However, while launching the NuoDB SQL client: nuosql command: 

> "c:\Program Files\nuodb\bin\nuosql.exe" database@localhost --user dba
--password dba

I observe this error message:  " Unknown operation: "c:\program "    What is the problem?



There does not appear to be a Transaction Engine (TE) running. This can be confirmed by executing the following:

"c:\Program Files\nuodb\bin\nuodbmgr" --broker localhost --password bird --command "show domain summary"

The resulting output should be simiar to;

[broker] localhost/ (DEFAULT_REGION)

Database: demo
[SM] my-MacBook-Pro.local/ (DEFAULT_REGION) [ pid = 23377 ] RUNNING
[TE] my-MacBook-Pro.local/ (DEFAULT_REGION) [ pid = 23379 ] RUNNING


The Transaction Engine is the process that parses the SQL so, if it isn't running for a database, there is nothing for NuoSQL to connect to and this is what leads to the error described.  

More details regarding starting the TE can be found here: Online Doc: Formulate a new Database


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