Announcing NuoDB 3.1!

Exciting News from NuoDB!

We are proud to announce that NuoDB 3.1 is now available! This release includes some important new monitoring, operational, and SQL capabilities, including:

  • Database performance monitoring with NuoDB Insights. NuoDB Insights is a graphical dashboard that allows you to better understand, optimize, and troubleshoot your NuoDB database, its processes, and the overall domain. Visit the NuoDB Insights webpage to learn how to enable this new feature in NuoDB 3.1 for your database.
  • Expanded protection for your data. Your DBAs now have additional options for protecting data with incremental backup and restore as well as journal snapshots to enable point-time-time restore.
  • Modernized, easy to use database administration. Now in open-beta preview, the new NuoAdmin offers a greatly improved user experience and easier database management and API integration for container environments.
  • Expanded SQL capabilities. As always, we continue to enrich our SQL functionality, including use of aggregate functions inside an OVER clause, a new pseudo table, and outer to inner JOIN conversions.

Check out the release notes to learn more about these highlighted features and others now available in NuoDB 3.1! Customers may click here to download today! Not yet a customer? Click here to take NuoDB for a free test drive.

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