Admin/SQL explorer console in NuoDB 3.0


Does v3.0 of NuoDB come with the Automation Console and/or SQL Explorer?  
The 8888 webpage has no reference to them.
If not, what is the recommended way to manage databases? 



In v3.0 you will no longer use the Automation Console and SQL Explorer. 

The recommended way to manage databases is the NuoDB Manager.
For more information, please review the documentation here:
NuoDB Manager

The Web UI in v3.0 hosts external links to informative sites on like the tech blog, user documentation, knowledge base, and others and is also used to run the SQL Quickstart as before to quickly create a demo database.

To run the v3.0 Web UI interface via a browser, first, start the nuorestsvc service.
For example, on Linux (RHEL/Centos) users that installed using the RPM install, run 
       $ service nuorestsvc start
For more information see documentation,
Starting and Stopping NuoDB Services

Please see v3.0 documentation for a list of features that have been deprecated and a list of features that have gone EOL (end-of-life) and are no longer available in the product.

EOL (no longer available)
Automation Console - A Web UI that was used to operate and monitor Managed databases. Customers using the Managed approach in 3.x releases will use nuodbmgr to operate their Managed database deployments.
SQL Explorer - In place of SQL Explorer, NuoDB recommends using nuosql which can be run from the command line. Optionally, for a graphical Web UI experience, install a 3rd-party SQL Workbench/SQL Developer product like DBVisualizer. 
Storefront Demo
Un/quiesce commands

Deprecated features
(see link for other depreciated features and more information)


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