Message: "database password not replaced for [Node SM db=[db_name] pid=#### id=-1 req=null (local)]"


What does this message mean? What should you do when you get it?


The message "database password not replaced": indicates inconsistent replication of the transient database password (this is not the DBA user and password credentials). The database password referred to here is an internal encrypted shared secret key that is created by the administration layer and is used by the database engine processes to communicate securely with each other.

The best way to handle this message is to shutdown all brokers and then restart the brokers one at a time. If the database is not already running, restart the database.

The first engine node reconnecting to its local agent/broker will reset the DB password in the admin layer, and then the next broker starting up will learn about the password from the existing broker. The other engines will also reconnect to their local agent/broker, telling their local agent what the DB password is with which they were started: now all nodes/agents will have the same DB password.

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    i just finished installation on one machine, trying to setup the admin
    and no other brokers are running