Database restart history


How can I tell when the NuoDB database stopped and started? Does it maintain any history?



Yes - it is easy to determine history of the database. For NuoDB deployments using our older domain and database manager, nuoagent, each process shutdown and startup is documented in the agent.log file. For deployments using our new, current domain and database management interface, nuoadmin, this information is found in the nuoadmin.log file.

The default location for NuoDB logs is /var/log/nuodb.  The logging location depends on your method of installation -- or the complete list of log file locations, check

Each startup of a database causes the following 3 entries to be written to the agent log:

  • “Database formed: …”
  • “Database entered: …”
  • “Database [...] has become active …”

The event of a database becoming inactive causes the following line to be written to the log:

  • “Database [...] has become inactive …”


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