The agent.log file analysis



What should I be looking for in the agent log?


 The string “ASSERT” indicates an engine (TE or SM) which shut itself down because it detected a fatal problem;

 Action: run the /opt/nuodb/etc/crash-report script on the resulting core file and send/post the result to NuoDB Support Team;

 Note: the output report will be created at TMP directory (/tmp/nuocrash.XXXXXXXXXX)

  1. You should ensure there are alarms on memory heap and CPU usage within the engines;
See NuoDB documentation on “Creating Alarms”:
The metric for total memory of an engine process is  “Memory”;
The metric for the total cache heap is “HeapActive”;
The metric for user CPU + kernel CU time for an engine is “PercentCpuTime”;
  1. If you have already defined alarms; The string “Alarm” is included in every alarm notification in the log file; as is the name of the alarm enclosed in square-brackets, ex: [memory-high]; See
  2. If the monitor command is used, and the output piped to a file, then the monitor output files are also important, and should be provided along with the log files; See:
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