Steps before bouncing the NuoDB database instance


What checks are we supposed to perform before bouncing the NuoDB database instance?



NuoDB is designed to keep running even with single failures, so bouncing a database as a problem resolution procedure is considered a last resort for critical problems.

Checks to perform before bouncing a database:

Check that all nodes (brokers) are up and connected;

  • If a broker is listed as UNREACHABLE, then fix that problem first, if at all possible;

Check that there is no hung process (ps -ef | grep nuo);
Check that any inconsistencies in the domain state are addressed;

  • Any processes that are listed but don’t exist;

Check for any reported errors which would stop the database from starting correctly;

  • For example, are there any errors reported by SMs regarding the archives?

Once the database is down, check the archive for consistency (run nuochk and use --repair in case it is required);

  • This can be done on an offline copy of the archive if the database needs to be brought up immediately;


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