Failed to startup: server identifier mis-match



NuoDB brokers fail to start with the error "Failed to startup: server identifier mis-match"



A "server identifier mismatch" error means that the unique ID generated for a server in the domain no longer matches the last one stored by the admin layer (last-stored-id). On VM systems this often occurs when the VM is cloned and the id file is duplicated. Because of this, the broker thinks it is starting on a server that it does not know about.




The manager command

--command "set property showServerConfig value true; set property showHostStableId value true; show domain summary; show domain serverConfig"

prints both the connected information and the durable membership. From this, it can be inferred which of the 2 brokers on the same address [address =] is connected/running. 

The broker that is not running can then be deprovisioned, assuming the system still has majority (e.g. 3 out of the 5 brokers up and running, connected, with a leader elected) with the command

--command "agent deprovision ( $serverId | $stableId )

Either the serverId or the better stableId can be used

Server[3] [id = -7990049268587690507] [stableId = uuid:482e5d34-c49f-4736-911d-a485f7f605f5] [address =]
Server[4] [id = -6236087228994648520] [stableId = uuid:324d1717-2242-439f-a974-f7b4976c8638] [address =] (local)

Brokers should only be banned using agent-tool membership if majority has been lost.


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